About Ironcore

Ironcore was established in 1945 as a manufacturer of small transformers for radio and industrial use along with a limited range of electrical domestic products.

In 1965, product research and development was directed toward production of larger transformers and associated equipment covering single and 3-Phase transformers up to 800 KVA (double wound or auto for voltages up to 3000 volts); Including Transformer Rectifiers, Chokes,etc.

We currently supply major industrial companies, Government Utilities, Building, Computer and Mining industries with custom built products embracing electrical and electronic technology and have exported to many countries including Singapore, USA, United Kingdom etc.

A range of heat cutting machines and pyrography units have been developed to suit most applications.

The Company enjoys a reputation for excellent quality and has been responsible for significant technological developments including the first to design and manufacture in Australia:

  • Remote Control Auditorium Console Lighting Control units.
  • D.C. Emergency Lighting and Equipment.
  • Sine and Square wave inverters (supplied as part of a "wind power generation system").

We have also completed all major contracts to supply Transformers to the Crown Casino i.e. both the temporary and permanent Casino for electrical transformer requirements.

Some of the other major projects which we have successfully completed include:

  • Crown Casino
  • Thailand Railway
  • Wittingslow Amusements
  • Williamstown Dockyard
  • Boyne Smelters
  • B.H.P. Whyalla Steel Mill
  • Portland Smelters
  • Alcoa Point Henry
  • Australian National Railways
  • State Rail Projects
  • Australian Paper Mill
  • Telecom Australia
  • R.A.A.F. (Servicing Internationally Supplied Radar Equipment)

We look forward to and welcome all enquiries per Telephone and Email.